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Orthodontics in Okotoks, AB

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A straight smile not only helps you gain confidence in your appearance but makes the processes of regular oral hygiene easier and more effective. At Village Lane Dental Centre, our entire team is committed to helping patients achieve optimal dental health through every means available, and provide orthodontic services in Okotoks.

Our general dentists offer early treatment for children in need of comprehensive care and are also committed to helping patients of all ages through traditional metal braces. Contact our team today to schedule your exam and consultation for orthodontic appliance treatment.

Phase One, Early Orthodontic Care

Healthy smiles are the result of proactive solutions that begin from an early age. In addition to providing preventive care for patients at every stage of development, our team assists in the growth of children’s smiles through early orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontics, or phase one orthodontics, is primarily focused on aiding proper dental development. This type of care may limit the amount of treatment necessary once phase two has begun, and can sometimes eliminate the need for braces altogether.

We often perform early orthodontic treatments through appliances such as palate expanders, which widen the jaw to ensure that the incoming adult teeth do not cause crowding or other issues when they erupt from the gums. Space maintainers and regainers can also be used for patients to preserve or restore the shape of their jaw after they have lost their baby teeth. Our practice also has habit breaking appliances available for young patients who suck their fingers and thumb or have issues with tongue thrusting.

Traditional Metal BracesTraditional braces in Okotoks, AB

Whether patients have already undergone phase one orthodontics, full corrective treatment, or are looking to straighten their smile for the first time, metal braces are the ideal option for care. Village Lane Dental provides bracket and wire braces to comprehensively support their patients in achieving their smile goals. These appliances treat a wide range of cosmetic and functional issues, including:

  • Crowding
  • Rotation
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

Many children enjoy the ability to customize their braces by choosing the color of the bands that hold the archwire in place. Even older patients appreciate how this choice of color minimizes the aesthetic effect metal brackets have on their smile.

Our dentists provide patients with retainers after treatment has concluded. These discreet appliances help patients keep their smile straight, ensuring long-term results from the alignment achieved through orthodontic care.

Straighten Your Smile at Village Lane Dental

Our office is committed to helping patients achieve smiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but have the potential to remain healthy for a lifetime. To schedule an orthodontic consultation for you or your child, contact our Okotoks braces providers today!

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